I live on a hillside, in the shadow of an old oak. All around me there are forests, green in summer, bare in winter. The old town I can see lying beneath me in the valley of the river Weser. This town was once build for refugees from the South. Every two months I visit the Dutch seaside and I love to walk along the beach as often as I can. Enjoying the wide view over the water towards the horizon. Taking photographs of the birds who live at the beach.

Besides taking photographs, I also make drawings and collages. I am attracted to the whirls in the rapids of rivers. Using photographs as the starting point, I have started to make drawings of them. I like to make more than one drawing and explore the difference.

Some time ago I started to write haiku and senryƫ to enrich my photographs. Haiku voice the perfectness of nature, whereas senryƫ are about the imperfections of human action. In writing these I try to express my thoughts in words.

Recently I started to go through my old journals and writings and I found several notes, which I’m turning into short stories to be told.