Welcome to my website!

I live on a hillside, under the branches of an old oak. From this high point I have a beautiful view of a small town and the river Weser. In these surroundings there are footpaths through the forest, cycling paths along the river, wide fields filled with sunflowers and meadows full of butterflies and grass hoppers in summer. I love to be outside in the open air, discovering small and wonderful treasures everywhere I go. Once a month I am to be found at the Dutch seaside. There too I enjoy spending time in nature. Especially seeing the birds at the pond and along the beach. On my walks I always bring my camera along to capture what I see and inspires me.

Some time ago I started to write haiku and senryƫ to enrich my photographs. Haiku voice the perfectness of nature, whereas senryƫ are about the imperfections of human action. In writing these I try to express my thoughts in words.