Author: willemien

My first story

On a quiet day in spring I was looking through my old journals and found a story I had written a long, long time ago. I asked my daughter if she would care to read it. More for fun than anything else. But she was so encouraging that I have decided to start writing again, working on old materials but also to write new stories that I have carried with me for so long. A new start!

You can read my first story here.

Flowering rush

Latin name Butomus umbellatus, in dutch: zwanebloem. One of my favourite wild flowers of my childhood. These flowers tended to disappear in The Netherlands, happily they florish now again.

Project Whirlings

A while I ago I became fascinated with the whirlings I saw in the river stream. I started taking photographs and these inspired me to draw. I use chalk, mainly black and white. Often figures magically appear. Now I draw almost every day, often making several different drawings from one photograph.