Seeds of inspiration

One fine morning, Mischa and I set out for a walk in the hills. We followed the meandering road, slowly going uphill. On our left hand we have a beautiful view over the houses and their back gardens, on our right side the giant trees rise above us. Suddenly I notice a pile of garden waste dumped beside the road. I am wondering how it ended up there, when silver glitters catch my eye. “Wait”, I shout to Mischa, “look what I found!” Together we decide to investigate. It seems like there are some silky seeds on long stems lying amidst the rubble. I want to get them, because I collect seeds to sow them in my garden in the hope that they will flourish. Everywhere I go, I sneakily take a bunch of seeds from people’s plants that I can easily reach from the pavement. Never before have I seen such amazing seeds as these. I am determined to take them home, but how to get them? The slope is really steep and we cannot descend safely. We decide to continue our walk and think about ways to collect them. It’s Mischa’s brilliant idea to use the long handed garden grubber. With a little “heigh ho” we walk up the hill once again. Of course, we forgot to mark the site so we argue about where it was exactly. Mischa is sure we’ve passed it already, but I insist that it must be farther away. And it is. I firmly hold Mischa’s hand, as she leans down to reach the stems. One by one she pulls them up. How happy I am! Little treasures to bring home. Walking back I didn’t yet know how much inspiration they would give me. Since then I have photographed them many times.


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